Saturday, February 11, 2012

Biking Es La Onda

Scuse my spanglish!

I could have said biking is the shit but it doesnt sound quite as right as in spanish. After quite some time without biking (again) because it was too cold to do so (i know, i know, 15° is not "too cold" for some, but it is for us leaving here in southern Mexico), i'm enjoying one more time, the pleasure of biking.

My legs are killing me, my ass is killing me, every time i get to my office's building and i have to pick up my bike and climb up two floors to get to my desk, i want to cry but the feeling of self satisfaction and the good it does to my body is worth all the pain in the world. 

I sweat my ass off every single morning anf every single afternoon and it feels so good.

And let's be honest, with such a static job as mine is currently, i NEED the exercise. So my 9 hours sitting in front of a computer gets by a lot smoother. And faster. And easier. 
It's also good to see my fellow sport-people waving at me as i bike by. Even the people of the bike shop wave every morning :)

The funny thing is that every time i get to the office, there's always someone in the office saying something about the bike and/or the biking. One of my colleague is even regularly wondering how the hell can i find the will to hop on my back every morning.

Biking is cool.
Biking is great.

And that's the perfect excuse to eat cookies at work ... i'll burn the calories on the way home! (or so i like to believe!)

And having my dad biking back home with me was as precious as when Dear Beloved did it some time back!

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