Wednesday, September 05, 2012

When The Unspeakable Happens

It was Sunday morning, Dear Beloved was sleeping next to me and i decided i was going to check my Facebook. And the first post i read was the following, from Street Monsters (the FB page of the magazine my brother had created):

Nous avons la tristesse de vous apprendre le décès du fondateur du magazine : Antoine Collignon, alias Artkore. Une chute lors de la Monsters Race d'aujourd'hui, la course qu'il avait créée, nous l'a enlevé à jamais. 

Il n'y a pas de mots pour décrire notre douleur. Nos pensées vont en premier lieu à sa famille, et à tous ceux qui comme nous ont eu la chance de côtoyer l'homme qui avait pris le risque de fou de créer ce magazine. RIP Antoine...

I read it about 3 times before i woke up Dear Beloved and make him read that to me, to make sure i was actually reading what i was reading. 

Oh, for those of you who don't speak fluent French (shame on you btw), it says the following:
We're sadden to announce the death of the magazine's founder, Antoine, aka Artkore. A fall during today's Monsters Race, the race he had created, took him from us forever. There are no words to describe our pain. Our thoughts are with his family first and then to all of those, like us, who had the chance to hang out with the man who had taken the insane risk to create that mag. RIP Antoine.

My dad was with him at that race and his phone wasn't answering, my mom couldn't get a hold of him either and it was me, 9000+ km away from there, who told mom: your son, my brother, is dead.

As it is so well put in that statement, there are no words that can begin to express the feeling of losing a brother.

Now i had my "reason" for not being in that plane earlier. We were supposed to be at the race. Seeing my brother kill himself would most likely have been traumatizing. The only comfort me and my parents can get out of it is that he died doing what he liked the most, riding a bike, in a race he created, living his dream.

Adieu l'artiste, adieu p'tit frere.

May you ride in peace.


  1. Hi there, I just discovered your blog and am so sorry to read the last entry. Mi sincere condolences to your family and yourself. I know what it's like to loose a loved one while living so far. I lost my dad 3 years ago while I was living in France and maybe because of the distance I always feel like I haven't completely lost him - like he's still there.. just far away.

    I do hope though that you wont stop blogging. I am a half-mexican half american, who lived in France for almost 9 years and is married to a Frenchman. I am very curious to read your thoughts and comments on my country (I consider Mexico my home as that's were I was born and grew up) viewed from the eyes of half-French half-american(?)!

    A très bientôt j'espère !! :-)

    1. HI Fned, thanks for your message ... i'm not half french half american, i'm 100% french living in Mexico ;)
      I havent written much lately cuz i've been busy on many projects but my blog is full of anectodes of the crazy stuff that has happened to me here in Mexico. You're more than welcome to dig in!

  2. maty, my god, i'm so so sorry to hear this news about your dear brother... as i was reading the 2 french paragraphs, i was trying my best to dig up my long-lost high school french to interpret. as i kept reading, a coldness started to build, as i got the feeling it was leading to something horrible. no, i thought, i can't be right about this, my french is so way off... i hope maty posts a translation so i can really find out what those words mean... and then waaahhh... the english came up and hit me like a truck. i re-read it over and over to see if i was misunderstanding or somehow dreaming... and then i was hoping antoine was not your family but just someone else with your same last name... but no. and then i read your previous post about losing your passports in the airport and not being able to go to france. so unreal how things can seem to be connected, either for the better or worse. maty, i know your dear beloved will get you through this, but i am still sending you all my positive energy. miss you and love you... hugo xoxo