Thursday, October 11, 2012

Treasures of the Yucatan

After a year and half of running that tour from backstage, i finally got a chance to hop on the Trafalgar trip called Treasures of the Yucatan.

Trafalgar is a company that offers touristic circuits around the world, for a determined period of time. Mostly for an older crowd. I affectionately call them "mis viejitos" (my little old people).

The trip was going to last for a week and it was honestly, a great week. Travelling with an older crowd is more my thing than with some spring-breakers who only think about boozing and partying. Been there, done that, i'm up to other stuff now.

And obviously, i was the youngest of them all. Most of them were my parents age, some of them  could have actually be my grand-parents! But culture and ruins was on the program and i had a total blast.

So instead of describing everything i did for a week, i'd rather show off and put the pictures of the highlights of my "vacations" (technically, it was work).

At the top of the pyramid of Ek Balam
Under the arch of Ek Balam
Strolling Campeche's streets
Enjoying beautiful Edzna
Eating cochinita Pibil :P
Admiring the beauty of Uxmal from the top of the pyramid
Taking a dip in Sotuta de Peon's cenote!
And finally making it to Coba (and all the way to the top of the pyramid ... barefoot!)

And that is without talking (or bragging) about the flamingos of Celestun, our cooking class with a Maya family, our city tour of Merida, the hotels we stayed in, the visit of Chichen Itza and all the amazing people i got to hang out with ...

It was awesome. You should all go take that trip!

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