Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This Is The End

My brother died on September 2nd 2012. I've said it out loud so many times to try to find out a meaning out of it. It didn't work. On June 25th, both my parents and I had a meeting with the notary in charge of his inheritance. This was going to be the last time we'd meet with her. The time we'd put a final point (and signature) to it all. The time we'd seal this sad business once and for all.

There are no word that can describe how it feels to hear the notary stating out loud that Mr C. had died that day at that place at that time and that, in front of both his parents, Mr and Mrs C. and his sister, Ms C., all his belongings, goods and properties that are listed hereafter now belong to his immediate relatives here present under the following proportions (50% for the parents and 50% for the sibblings) and that the inheritance fee to be paid is for a grand total of that many thousand euros.

All of the sudden it was real. All of the sudden, what used to be HIS was now OURS. All of the sudden, he was gone.


This is the end, beautiful friend ... May you rest in peace.

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