Tuesday, September 03, 2013

French Are Good

Unfortunately, it's not always a good thing. To be good i mean.

So i've been back for almost 4 months now and i've hence had my share of French people. Some cool ones, some unbearable ones, some quiet ones and some extrovert ones but all it all, a good slice of the French population. And even though it was quite something to readapt to all the rules and laws that you live under as well as speaking French all the damn time, the transition went quite smoothly.

However, there is something i kinda knew already but honestly didn't think it was THAT bad ... OMFG how much French people complain. They complain all the freaking time about absolutely EVERYTHING. It's either the weather, the prices, the economy, the quality of the food, the waiting time, the traffic, other people, EVERY-SINGLE-THING on the face of the Earth.

How can you live this way? How can you find the will the get up in the morning? Is their coffee not warm enough as well? The bread not crusty enough? The jam too sweet? The more you complain, the more you find stuff to complain about.

I don't have a job, i live in a 20 square meter studio with my man and 3 cats and without enough money to move to a bigger place, i freeze my ass off in my own country, i don't have my own friends and not much of a social life and yet, i find a reason to smile and be happy every single day of the week.

Maybe it's because i have a great man. Maybe it's because my cats are awesome. Maybe it's because there IS a reason to smile and be happy every single day. But when you focus on the good, when you see that every single little detail around you can be a reason to smile or be pleased, then and then only, will you be as happy as i am.

Some think i'm an utopist, others think i'm over-optimistic. I'm not. I'm just gifted at seeing the good in every situation. Even the darkest ones. So to all my fellow-countrymen, stop complaining all the time. As long as you have a roof over your head, something to eat in your plate, a good health and as a little plus, some friends or family to hang out with, what difference does it make if you wait 3 minutes or 8 minutes in line at the bakery and get a baguette instead of a loaf of bread.

Life is good :)

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