Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My New Year Resolutions

What? It's January 22nd? OK and your point is?? :D

I remembered recently about the Mexican tradition of NY celebration and resolutions. I actually wrote a post about it (and you should definitely read it, obviously, since i'm an awesome writer and shit!). So i was thinking, hum, i didn't do a "things i want this year" list for 2014. Maybe going to bed at 11:30pm on the 31st of December, saying to my man, happy new year and good night pretty much at the same time didn't set the right mood for it. 

So anyway, i was thinking about what i might want the other day. As i said a few years back, i don't feel like i need anything. I'm happy with what i have right now. Obviously, getting a job that earns me big bucks would be awesome (instead of working 2 jobs for a shitty wage), moving apartment would be amazing but apart from that, well, i couldn't think about much more.

But i still came out with something. After spending a week-end at my uncle's, talking about this insane relationship with my mother (whom we all agreed, is a bully), we've set a goal for 2014: being able to tell my mom to fuck off. But maybe that's not the kind of new year resolution or goal that fits in the books. 

So on a more serious point of view, i'd like to write more. To write and to read more. I love writing in my blog, i have internet at home now which means i have no excuse for not writing more often. I have various topics i can discuss and write about and well, not another reason than laziness not to do it. So i'm gonna try to write at least once a week. That'd be better than once every trimester!!
Same for reading. I have a zillion books to read, a subscription to the local library and i don't take time to read. What do i do instead? I play on my cellphone. This is TRAGIC. But i have already started to try to change this and i put a book in my bag. So now, when i'm waiting wherever i need to wait, i read instead of playing. I guess it's just a habit to re-establish in my routine.

So there, my NY list of resolutions: write more, read more and standing my grounds more against my mom.

Happy New Year everybody!

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