Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Cat Has Hepatitis

As you sure know by now, i have 3 cats and all 3 of them came back to France with me last year. Things have been going on pretty good with one little drawback: they can't really go outside. We don't have a garden and we live in a residence that has a major traffic road passing right in front of it. And so many stupid ass drivers who thing the parking lot is a race track. Anyways.

Needless to say that my cats have no idea or concept of what cold weather might be so they didn't build up that extra thick fur when the temperatures dropped at the beginning of the winter. Hence the salad they make to keep warm!

My oldest cat, Psycha, is a fat lady. She was weighing 6.5kg (about 14 lbs) when we got back from Mexico. 
At the end of November, we got this pretty cold weather, with temperatures in the negative (i'm talking Celsius here!!) and she started to get thinner. I thought that, well, she was digging into her fat to deal with the cold (even though they were inside at all time, you can still feel the outside coldness on the floor and at the window). I started worrying when she kept on dropping weight at an unusual pace. At one point, i could see pretty much every single of her back bones as well as her shoulder blade and hips. One night, i realized she wasn't eating anymore and i picked her up and that's when my heart broke into pieces. She was lighter than a feather and the second she was on my lap, she rolled herself up in a little static ball and cuddled up to me. It's heart-wrenching to realize that one of your pet is actually dying. At least that's the feeling i had. She was passed the stage where you actually fight for your life, she had given up.

When the vet saw her, his "oh yeah, she's not looking good" turned my blood to ice. Trying to keep my composure, i followed him for the weighting (she was a worrying 3.3kg), the ultrasound and the blood testing. And that's when the verdict fell: she has hepatitis. Behind the scary word lies something reassuring: the hepatitis is a disease of the liver and the liver is this amazing auto-regenerating organ. So with a couple of shots and some pills to stuff down her throat for a couple of weeks, she should be good to go pretty soon.

We went back after 2 weeks for check-up, a second shot and another round of pills and then again after 2 more weeks. On the scale, she was up to 4.3kg and the vet told me: she can go up to 4.5kg and she'll be great. 

Allow me a little laugh ... I weighed her 3 weeks after her last visit, so roughly 2 months after she got diagnosed with hepatitis, she's at 5.7kg and counting!
You go my little fatty. I'll love you no matter what!

That's her now ... does she look like she cares about how much she weights?? (wink wink)

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