Saturday, May 31, 2014

I Said No For the First Time

Today, i'm feeling so proud of myself because just a few minutes ago, i dared to say no to someone. It's not like I've never said no before but when it comes to customer service for example, i'm a wuss and i can't really say no. One of the many reasons i don't like to have vendors around when i shop (or stroll in a store). Well today, i stood up on my grounds and i said no. Who to? To a hairdresser. 

I need a haircut. To say urgently would be an understatement. I died my hair a dark shade of red a few days ago but the haircut i currently have looks like nothing. So i went to my favorite hair salon (it's my favorite because it's very affordable and you sit on a massaging seat while getting your hair shampooed! OMG just for the massaging chair it's worth the trip) in order to check if i could get a haircut today, like right now (cuz i generally don't make an appointment to have my hair cut, bad habit i got from Mexico, where you can show up and get attended!). Thing is, i have been twice to this salon. The first guy who cut my hair did an amazing job and i absolutely LOVED the result. So it was with high hopes i went again some time later but to be taken care of by another guy whom a) i didn't have a good vibe from him and b) who kinda messed up my cut. And trust me, with that amount of hair on my head, when there are different uneven layers of hair, it shows.

So when this second dude came to attend me when i was standing at the entrance of the salon, i thought, shit. The other guy was there, just finishing a cut. Dude told me he had room within an hour and then, i don't know where it came from but i asked him: who will that be with? And he answered myself. He also added: do you have a preference? And that's when i had this leap of courage and told him: I'd rather go with him (pointing at the guy who was attending his client). Dude left, looking slightly annoyed and Pascal (because i know his name now) broadly smiled at me and set up the appointment for later today.

I have never done something like this before. I generally don't say anything when i don't like the haircut or if my meat is too cooked at the restaurant. I don't know why. Maybe i don't want to appear as picky or bitchy but when i think about it, what is the point? What is the point of not telling when you're not happy with something you're actually paying for? You don't have to be mean or bitchy when you speak up your mind. And that's what i realized today. You can be firm but pleasant. 

Anyway, can't wait for my appointment now. Hopefully, i'll come back with something edgy. Maybe something like this ... Who knows!

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  1. I can't wait to see the picture of you with your new haircut. Will it match your portrait?