Sunday, February 21, 2010

Me and ...

Before anything, an explanation is in order ...

Back in the days, there was this guy in the company i work for, that nobody really knew what he was doing (but he must have been somehow important, at one point, he even had a secretary), who one day decided that it was high time for this institution to have its own newspaper. By newspaper, i mean more like a little home-made magazine everybody and anybody could write in. It was to be published every month.

Obviously, after a few months and a few publications, Big Boss realized that this magazine was not making any money whatsoever, that it was just expenses, no benefit and mentioned magazine was published once a trimestre - that is to say 4 times a year (insert sarcastic laugh here).


As soon as i heard about this mag. and that they were looking for "journalists", or people willing to write something, i went to see the guy in charge and tell him: me me me! And since not a lot of people were willing to write, i was, then, more than welcome. And i "signed" up for 2 columns: one called "the good old days" in which i was interviewing the employees who've been in the company the longest (we have numbers in order of employment, i have #676 for example - so i interviewed people who have employee numbers below 15 - there are about 9 of them still, amongst whom #1 who was my first interview !) and another column called "me and ..." in which i was sarcastically commenting on crazy/stupid stuff that happened to me (a bit like how and what i'm doing in this blog).

I love writing and knowing that people from work would discover another side of me was appealing and exciting. Unfortunately, appearances can be extremely deceptive.
When i presented him my second interview, he censored some stuff, stuff that i personally found hilarious but he said no no no. One of the question in the interview was "what's the best memory you have of the good old days?" And one of them answered "when Big Boss, out of pure wrath, was firing everybody and then frantically calling everybody the following morning wondering where the hell was everybody".
Well i think that's hilarious. We all know how Big Boss is and he's so like that. But no. That was not proper. We couldnt make Big Boss or the company look bad. We couldnt either write or mention anything that'd make the rest of us feel that the company was better back in the days. Especially since ALL of the interviewees said that ambiance and comradeship was WAYYY better then than now. But then again, how can you possibly compare a company with 12 employees and one with 700. But that was a big no no. The company now MUST look better than THEN. W-h-a-t-e-v-e-r.

So when he put the wrong picture on an interview, i was like, mmm, dont think he cares, so why should i? And i gave up that column.

It's my second column that i was enjoying writing the most. I wrote about me and my job, me and the airport, me and the international ABC, me and a shit load of other stuff i dont remember but i should look for since i was actually pretty proud of myself ... Come on, i wrote those articles in SPANISH. Yes m'am. So being sarcastic in a language you dont fully master is quite a challenge. But anyways.

One day, i came out with "me and Mexico city". I should have called it me and mexico city's traffic but i just called it me and mexico city. Well that was a mistake. And a big one apparently. Let me clear up something. I have absolutely NOTHING against the city of Mexico. I truly love the place, i have had the best of time there and the welcome i got from mexican from the city was great. Moreover, most of my mexican friends are from Mexico city. But come on, i dont think there'll be anybody here that wouldnt agree with me on the fact that traffic in Mexico city is insane. And if you're not from there it's even worse. But he (from Mexico city) was apparently extremely offended by my text. And he told me: you need to re-write it, to adjust it so it doesnt offend people from DF. And i was like, i'm sorry but no, i am not re-writing my text. You do it.
And he did it.
And when i read it, i almost fainted with shock and horror. My original text had become something that i could NEVER have possibly written. In his "adjustments", he had made ME a complete idiot who was too stupid to find her way through Mexico city. So i told him: if you publish this piece of shit, dont you DARE putting MY name on it. I'll shoot you in the eye.
And he didnt.

And that was the end of it, the end of my participation to this glorious magazine who died one issue after i quit.

That's when i realized two things:
- i dont like to have a boss
- i like even less people telling me what to do and how to do it.

So this is why i have decided to bring back my favorite column of all times: ME AND ...
There'll be no censorship and nobody to tell me: oh maty this is bad, you shouldnt post it.
To those people, i have only one word to say (i'd use the f word but i'd need 2 words and i said i only had one jeje):


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