Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bold Tires

About 5 weeks ago, i went to the tire dealer to get a new set of tires. I am a fast driver, yet a good one and i was noticing that my car was skiding in the curves and pretty much going all over the place as soon as there was sand or water on the road. Which in PV tends to happen a lot. Between the beach, the dust, cobblestone streets, dirt roads, the unexpected rains we had in January and February, construction sites everywhere, people watering the street in front of their house to stick the dust on the ground (instead of on their couch), yeah, dirt and water is a recurrent occurrence in PV.

So since my car was now doing more and more of its own will more than what i wanted it to do, a trip to the tire dealer was a tall order.

You should have seen his face when he saw my tires. He was like "how long have you been driving this car around like this? I have never seen such used tires"


Please note that i actually BROUGHT you the car in question. Now DO something about it. I mean it's actually quite something that i even thought about bringing it. And now you're telling me i should have brought it 6 months ago? Well 6 months ago my car was still answering my commands and not going all over the place like it's out of its fucking mind.
Oh come on, i am a woman, what do you expect? It's my dad who normally does all those car related shit for me.

Oh, how i love to use this excuse. I mean yes, i am a woman. And yes, back in the days, when i was still living with my parents, it was my dad taking care of all this shit. But i was taught to be an independant woman who can perfectly take care of herself. And i must say, i actually think i am. But i am also a sloppy lazy bitch who couldnt care less about her car being as dirty as hell, with only one rim left (on the spare wheel) and oil that gets to reach the color and texture of caramel before it even OCCURS to me to change it.
I KNOW those things need to be done, i just completely forget about it or postpone until my car dies on me. Which, as my mechanic (and my dad) always tell me (in a contained anger voice) is not good for the car.

Oh well.

A week ago, i noticed that my front wheels, that i replaced a month and a half before, were bolding again. And i was like, wait a minute, i JUST changed those tires. I mean i know i dont drive like a granny who doesnt know there is a 3rd (or 4th or 5th) gear available but i definitely dont drive THAT fast nor THAT extremely to ruin a pair of tires in barely 6 weeks.

Postponing again, i waited til today to go back to my tire dealer (in front of whom i'm passing every single day to go back home ... yeah, i know, shame on me, whatever!). Why today? Cuz i thought i needed to be the right amount of pissed off to go back to them and tell them how unhappy i was. And after that phone call i got just as i was getting out of work, i was in the PERFECT mood to go give them a mouthful.

- (me) Do you remember me?
- (tire dealer) Yes i do
- I came 6 weeks ago to change my 4 tires.
- yes i remember

- well i am here to complain about the tires you put on my car. I mean it's barely been 6 weeks and they're bold again. So either you sold me used tires, or you sold me very poor quality tires but there is no way i'm getting through tires that fast.
- what? your tires are bold after 6 weeks? let's go check

So there we are, checking how bold my front tires are. And he said: miss, it's not about the tires, it's about TUNING. Your car's tires are like the feet of a duck, pointing towards the inside and that's why only 2/3 of it is actually bold and the remaining third is as good as new. And by the way, there is no way you're moving this car again today, THIS tire is so worn out it might blow open just looking at it ...


I wish i had taken a picture of my actual tire. We could see the insides of it (almost). It was scary to think about what could have happened if that particular tire would have explode on me, while driving back home, or to work.

They fixed it. On the spot, with no appointment and in 1.5 hour. The same mechanic as last time with the same malicious smile on his face, probably thinking "ffff, women are useless". Well, maybe i am useless with a car. But 2 things are certain: a) this is now my official tire/brake/suspension dealer for the impecable service i've been received the past 3 times i went and b) get the fuck out of the way bitches, Mathilde has brand new tires to wear out.

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