Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Me and ... My Worse Hangover

I have drunk in the past. Many times. Many times WAY past my tolerance for alcohol, way more than I should have, way more than I could handle. That didn’t really stop me from doing it again, over and over again. Up until that day back in 2008 when I realized that I could drink an inconsiderate amount of vodka and still be decently standing, still be decently “sober”. That day, I freaked out and realized that I was getting closer to being an alcoholic, that I would eventually get hurt or hurt someone in the process and that the time had come that I should stop drinking. One of my friend said that it was a bit extremist, that I could still drink a glass from time to time but I know what I’m like. If I allow myself a glass, than why can’t I allow myself another one, and another one? And then we are back to that vicious circle when you stop drinking only because the bar is closing.

ANYWAY … time has passed … and things have changed. Recently, I finished up a treatment for my asthma that lasted 3 months, 3 months during which I wasn’t allowed to drink caffeine or alcohol. Needless to say that I craved both badly during that time. And the second I could drink a Coke or a coffee again, I didn’t even fancy doing so. Go figure.
Except that I DID end up drinking a LOT of Coke and a LOT of coffee. Maybe that why I’ve been feeling that shitty over the past month. Maybe there IS a reason that I shouldn’t be drinking those. Maybe my doctor was actually right.

All that to say that last Saturday, my best friend Tim was in town, back from Playa del Carmen where he now lives. And it was obvious that we were going to go out. It was also obvious that I was gonna have at least one drink with him. What wasn’t planned though, was that he was gonna buy a bottle of Ketel One vodka, and that it would be just the 2 of us to drink it up. Man does that vodka taste good. It was honestly the best I had in like a lifetime!!! And we were seating basically on the dance floor, bitching about everybody, chatting with the waiter, dancing a bit, drinking a lot, having a blast and before we notice, damn bottle is ¾ empty O_o

And the music was boring so we took off to another “antro”, drank some more there, and to ANOTHER one, drank some more there too until it was like 5 in the morning and I could barely walk, let alone dance or talk.

We walked back to the car, I made a scene (that’s what I tend to do when I’m drunk), went through a side road to avoid the police check point, still got stop at the federal check point but went through no problem, got home, fought a bit more and bed.

Worse night ever. I slept 3 hours then the dogs woke me up. Went back to bed then needed the bathroom. Went back to bed then needed to puke. Hell, I puked my soul out. I was feeling miserable as hell. Went back to bed, realized it was already 2pm but couldn’t bear the IDEA of being standing, slept a bit more, felt more miserable.

I ended up getting out of bed at around 6:30pm, took a shower to finally be partly human being again around 7pm. It was one of those hangover you don’t really have a headache cuz the booze is good quality but you’re dizzy, drowsy, nauseous and all that you’re feeling when you’ve drunk way too much the night before. It’s one of those hangover you swear to god you will never EVER drink again. And this is honestly what I said all day yesterday, what I am still saying today:

“I will never EVER drink again”

PS: I know what you’re saying… Sure, whatever, they always say that. Well I have no intention on feeling that bad any time soon. And since I don’t feel like I NEED a drink to have fun, I probably won’t. But someone HAS to finish that bottle of vodka. There is still a quarter left in the bottle :p



  1. well...there is the time you will be going to Playa del Carmen, so there might be another time

  2. I wanna buy Ketel One... Go Girl !!!
    know this hangover's are terrible... last time i had, found a way to getover it... i had went for fresh coconut water... three of them and whoah what a relief i had. later had 2 beers and it was all over. no more!!! but yes i will never ever drink again... i mean not so much!