Monday, February 28, 2011

A Month & A Day

That is the time that has passed between my last day at my ancient work and now. Why is that any important? Because i have been officially notified that i am NOT an adventure girl anylonger.

I've always wanted to write the following sentence:
This is the end of an adventure and the begining of a journey. Why? Cuz as i said, i am now not a Vallarta Adventures worker any longer (officially or legally) but a full time Journey Mexico employee.

After 8 long years with a company that didnt even bother to say goodbye when i left, i am now working as an operation coordinator for this awesome company, for these awesome people and in such a great work environment!

Am i lucky? No, i dont believe in luck.
I have what i've always wanted. I have what i wanted to have for a very long time. And since i wanted hard enough, i got it. Period.

Who knows where this will take me but it'll be something good i'm sure.

Have i missed VA? No.
And to be truly honest, i havent missed it one single second.
Am i missing my old job? No.
It surely has been weird at first to pass in front of the pier, to see cruise ships in port and not stopping but i dont miss my old job no. I enjoyed while it lasted, i truly enjoyed the people i worked with over the years but the job itself, no, i dont miss it.

I guess it's when you dont have things that you realize how much you loved and needed them. Does that mean i didnt love or need my job at VA? I guess not.

I'm on a different boat now, on a different ride. I'm heading to somewhere new. And it's exhilarating!

I dont know what i'll do, but i'll know it'll be good.

My journey has began!

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