Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I have finally found Mexican's secret fountain of youth and perfect skin!

As usual, and most likely for quite some time to come, i took the bus back home yesterday. It was steaming hot outside since we havent had any rain in the past 4 days and the idea of being in a bus for the next 20 minutes was nothing remotedly appealing. But since walking home would take me a good hour and a half (if not more), what other options do i have?

That was undoubtedly the longest bus ride EVER.

It was so hot inside that everybody was DRIPPING sweat. Me included. But i really mean dripping sweat. 

On top of being the grossest thing ever, how uncomfortable is that anyway? 

There was this ventilation panel on the roof that was staring at me like it was saying "dont you dare opening me" that nobody even tried to open, i mean what is wrong with you people?

I caught myself thinking, wow, if i were stuck in a reduced space with the people of this particular bus, we'd die in no time. And then i thought, well, if i WERE stuck in there with all of them, i wouldnt ask for permission and would actually open the damn ventilation panel.

I work in an air-conditionned office and my desk is right under the AC. Needless to say i'm freezing my ass all day so i tend to use pants. Well yesterday i had capri denim pants on. 
Bad idea.
It took me like 10 minutes to detach them from my legs.

Sweating is not fun. Especially when you sweat doing nothing at all. When you're soaked in sweat because you spent 2 hours in the gym or walking your dog, it's ok. But doing nothing it's just not cool.
And when on top of that, half the sweat is not even yours, it's just plain gross.

But at least my skin looks HOT with a 6.5 pesos treatment. What does beat this?

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