Friday, December 21, 2012

The Grand Mother's Experiment

No, i am not cooking any of my grandmothers (may they both RIP) nor anybody else's as it is, but i am an asthmatic and i've been told that there is a plant that you need to cook like if it was a tea that is great for every pulmonary infections including asthma. 

In fact its not really a plant, it's the roots of a plant, called (translated from Spanish) skunk's tail. And you have to boil it with a red onion. And then drink it. 

With that said, hmm,where to start??

Skunk tail...
Can you imagine the smell of this shit? And i'm cooking it on top of it all! When i got it delivered, you should have seen the face of the guy handling the bag to me. First it was wrapped into 3 platic bags (those jumbo super thick trash bags) and then he gave it to me with an expression on his face that was saying, for crying out loud put that away or i'll puke. 
I have a terrible sense of smell so i couldnt smell anything. But now that i'm cooking it, oh dear. It surely doesnt smell good - i dont even want to imagine the taste!

And to top it all, i had to add an onion in there!

I have no idea how long i should cook it or how much i should drink or if i can put sugar in it. I dont know anything.

I have a feeling it's not gonna taste good.
I have a feeling it's gonna taste like feet.

The moment of truth is about to happen....

OMG it's worse than the worse medicine ever, it's worse than feet.
I certainly hope it's effective cuz it's the nastiest taste EVER!!!!

I hate granny's remedies.
But they tend to work (i'll keep you posted)

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  1. haha maty, you are truly brave... but i guess if this funky potion does its job, you'll be singing! just don't expect a kiss from santa this year...