Saturday, December 29, 2012

Epic Transport Fail

I must admit, i did suggest it. Meeting these French clients of ours at the airport cuz you know, they're French and i am too and i've been in touch with them since they arrived in Mexico a couple of weeks ago and blablabla. Seemed like a good idea at the time. So i was there, their flight made it on time, i put them in their van en route to their fabulous hotel 2 hours south and off i was to take my bus back home. 

I was half way through to the bus stop when i realized i didnt collect the sign i used to welcome them. So i had to run back to their vehicle just as it was departing to get it back. Oh, did i mentionned i was wearing heels? Cuz you know, i thought it'd be nice to dress up all nice and shit. So i had the great idea of putting heels this morning to go to work. Running is fun. Not with heels though.

Anyways, after my little run, i sat at the bus stop waiting for my bus back home. And i waited. And waited. And bloody waited some more. It was starting to get dark and i was starting to get pissed off. I should have taken the first bus back towards downtown and then hop in my regular Magisterio bus. But noooo. I know best. I know there is a bus that goes direct from the airport to just a few blocks away from my house.

After at least 40 minutes waiting, i stopped the next green bus i saw, asking him if he was passing through my neighborhoord, he said yes and off was i. Finally. 
Except that he wasnt passing through my neighborhood. Not even remotedly. He was passing through the next-door neighborhood which can be close enough unless you're in that particular bus which passes through the opposite end of my next-door neighborhood. 

I got off a dozen blocks away from home, i had to walk for that dozen blocks, with heels, on cobblestones streets, or sandy streets, with no sidewalk, it was pitchdark and not a single cab in sight.

I hated my life. My feet are full of blisters now. The only thing that didnt happen was that i didnt break a heel. I'm home more than one hour later than normally. 
I badly need a foot massage.

I will never wear heels again.
Or take that green bus.
Or be a dumbass.

I'll try at least ;-)

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