Sunday, March 24, 2013

Earth Hour

Every year, at the end of March and since 2007, it's Earth Hour. It's a movement that started in Sydney Australia and now followed by many countries and cities that encourages people to turn off all their essential lights during one hour. To give the Earth a break. Turning off the lights to turn on the night. 

I don't think many people here where i currently live are doing it. I believe environment and ideologies like this are people's last worry, or concern. They just don't care. Not about these things anyway. 

I've done it every year since I've found out about it. I'm doing it right this second as well. My laptop screen is the only light i have on in my house, that and a tiny piece of candle i found  that i normally leave outside. I even unscrewed a photosensitive light i have outside so i can have every single one of my lights actually turned off.

I know it's symbolical, i know it wont save the world. But in the end, it's a way to realize the impact of what each of us is doing to the planet. It's one hour only. And if everybody was doing it, it could change the world for real. After all, the oceans are made of many, many drops. 

I enjoy events like this. 

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