Thursday, May 16, 2013

Allow Me A Little Laugh

As you most likely know by now, i will soon be moving back to France. And even though some of you might find it crazy, i am very much planning on bringing my 3 cats with me. Yep, you read right, i'm taking my 3 Mexican stray cats back to France with me. No, we won't be living in Paaaariiiiiis like everybody is telling me here but yes, we'll land there so they will be able to actually "say" that they've been to Paris. LOL. What can i say, i have posh cats.

Things are getting sorted out and arranged and set up for me to go back at the end of this month but since i want to surprise my parents, i wont mention any date here. Only a handful of people actually know my departure date and i intent it to remains this way for as long as i can. 

Moving from Mexico to France with 3 cats obviously implies some paperwork to be done well in advance and thanks to a good friend of mine who moved from Mexico to Italy via Paris with his 4 cats, i believe i'm actually up to speed with all the administrative shit involved. The only thing that was left to be done was to actually purchase my plane ticket. Which i did. Today. YAY.

I did it online. And then i called the hotline cuz i was having issues with my payment (because it's a French credit card and we're in Mexico, i never understood but anyways, i'll figure it out someday). And once i had my confirmation code, i asked the lady i was talking to about my cats. And that's when she dropped a bomb: "you can only take 2 animals with you".

Say what?

Taking 2 of my 3 cats was not even an option. I mean you don't ask someone who travels if he's gonna take his left leg or his right leg to go on holiday, no, he's gonna take both. Well i'm gonna take'em all.

Long story short, the lady at the Aeromexico counter at the airport kept on bringing on the good news to me:
- yes you can take all 3 cats with you
- yes you can prepay for it now (and get a $20US discount on each)
- yes you can prepay your extra bag as well (and get another $20US discount)
- the maximum weight allowed for your suitcase is 32kg (and not 23 as i had read before - i'm repacking first thing tomorrow and i'm gonna STUFF another 8 kg in each of my suitcases!) and your second suitcase can also weight 32kg (rhaaa, i can carry up to 64kg with me)
- both your cats and your suitcases are set up all the way to Paris
- i'm changing you for a slightly later flight so you're now only flying with Aeromexico instead of having the second flight with Air France (hence i don't have to pay twice for the cats, twice for the excess luggage, and more important i don't have to collect my bags or cats in terminal 2 and then get my ass, my 64kg of crap and my 3 cats to terminal 1 and do another check in).

The only setback i'd say is that i have a 7 hours (or so) transit time in Mexico City and that my cats are going to be locked up in their traveling cages for 24 hours straight. 

They are going to HATE me for it. But hey, they're gonna live in France damn it. And i won`t take any of their ungrateful resentment.

I know this is going to be pretty epic. I know i'll feel so much better the second i'll let them out of their cage. But damn, i can't wait to write about it! 

Stay tuned!

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