Tuesday, December 03, 2013

I Can Hear My Neighbor Pee

I know, i know, that doesn't sound glamour whatsoever but it is unfortunately true. The studio I live in is so freaking small and the walls are so freaking thin that I can pretty much hear anything that is going on in the building. OK, maybe i'm exaggerating a little. But just a little.

I have quite a few neighbors since there are 20 studios in the building. Let's not talk about the dirt-bag in 42, just mentioning it might give my man rashes. But the girl just above us uses heels to walk (and it's annoying you have no idea) and I can hear when she pees. It's kinda gross and I thought, ok, let's just imagining that she's doing the dishes but the water falling in the sink does not make the same sound as the piss hitting the water in the toilet! On the plus side, I can't hear when she poops, thank God.

The neighbor just next to her, so not directly above us, is apparently a gamer. We can hear it cursing at his computer when he loses, especially in the evening. He drives this big ass jeep/pick up truck and drives in the parking lot like a maniac.

We also have an old man who makes me sad every time I see him because it's a residence for students mainly and he doesn't seem to have friends, a single dad who gets his kid once every fortnight, a slightly handicapped guy who always wants to sell me his furniture (especially stuff I so don't have room for like a couch and a washing machine (no idea how he fits it in his studio!!)), a couple of “doudou” as we call them (they're from Martinique), a guy who must be playing soccer since I always seem him with a big sports bag and a ball, a student whose mom and younger sister come visit on the week end, a guy with a scooter that he locks on the bar of his window, a cherry tree, a stray cat, an occasional hedgehog and magpies my cats are dying to catch (I don't think they've ever seen a bird that big).

All in all, a pleasant place to live, if it wasn't for that ass in 42 and for the 20 square meter we live in.

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