Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Update on ... THE WOUND

I love it when i'm over dramatic!! But since a lot of people have actually inquired on how i am and how my wound is going, i thought i might just write a little update on my bad ass looking scar.

Stitches went off on Friday, so 5 days ago. Out of the 8 stitches, 3 of them were a bit more painful to extract but over all, it went just fine. My hand was covered over the week end for the sole reason that i attended my cousin's wedding and there was no way i wasn't getting any attention **laughs**. Seriously, i needed a reminder that my wound was still very fresh and a bandage did just that. Knowing how clumsy i am, without it, i might just have hit the scar or the inside of my hand and reopen the wound. 

However, when on Sunday night, i got rid of both the band aid and the bandage, holy sweet mother of god, what a relief. To begin with, i was FINALLY able to take a shower without wrapping my hand in a plastic bag and scrub the outside part of my hand that was covered in this yellowish second skin looking film of antiseptic. All of the sudden, both my hands had the same color again. Niiiiice.

Since then, let's be honest, the recovery has been going slowly but surely. I can use my hand almost normally, even though i'm still careful with it. There is a spot in the middle of the scar which still is sensitive and i don't have as much strenght in it as i used to. So i'm trying to use it as much as i can so as to rehabilitate it faster but i've just read online that a stitched up wound can take months to recover. Even the doctor said last week that my file for this particular accident will be open for 3 months.

I put lotion on it often so it smoothes the skin which is calloused around the wound. I mean even if it stays that way, it'll be in a part of the hand that is callous anyway so oh well. The only down side of this, apart from that sensitive area, is that i still don't know what the heck my middle finger is doing. Hopefully, nothing obscene! **laughs**

my bad ass looking scar \m/

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