Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Animal Instinct


Animal have instincts. I am not saying that us human beings don't but ours is crap. We have no clue anymore on how to be in touch with our environment. No clue whatsoever. It is not a critic, it's a fact.

Sometimes, but only sometimes, we get back in touch with it but it is so sporadically that i wouldn't say it really counts.

So here i was, sitting at my dining table when i noticed that Niki (my dog ... fff ... come on you guys, i talk about her all the time) was sniffing and scratching quite intensely at my bedroom door. Since she does that with every bug that gets in my house (and god knows how many make their way inside!), i didn't really pay her much attention.
But since she generally loses interest pretty quickly cuz she's catching them pretty fast, after a few minutes of her going back and forth, i started to look at her with some more interest. And that's the moment she chose to jump back big time. But i mean JUMP backward, like a scared cautious animal would do.

I really got intrigued. Dogs normally don't behave like that in front of a toad, a cockroach or a spider. And since she wasn't giving up but remained at a fair distance of my door, i had to check.

It's funny the way you unconsciously start talking to your dog like she could understand what i was saying. Like she didn't know what was going on. Like i'm the one on top of it all, move on, don't worry, everything's gonna be fine. Like i know it's some spider behind my door, or nothing at all but no big deal whatsoever.

Well ... i was wrong. I was so very wrong ...

I went to my bedroom, turned on the light and checked behind my door only to find this:


It is not that i am scared of snakes but i surely wasn't expected to find one in my bedroom. I really don't want to think about how i would have reacted if i founded it in my bed. Gloomy. Let's not think about it ...
So, not shit scared about snakes but i don't know how to recognize them let alone how to handle them.

My good fortune was that Bart was there. He was definitely the man of the situation. Breeding snakes himself, he knew right away what kind of fellow he was dealing with, how to get him out of the room and back where he belongs ... in the wild (= in the lot of unused land across the street from my house!!)
When he came back, it was to see Niki jumping up again. First thing that cross my mind was: this has got to be joke, this is not happening again, i have a nest in my house, a SNAKE NEST in my house, please tell me this isn't happening.

Well no, it wasn't a boa constrictor this time ... JUST a wormsnake - i got pictures but it looks so miserably tiny after the boa that really putting it up here would be embarassing.

But as Bart put it, what are the odds of seeing, in MY house, within an HOUR, the smallest AND the biggest snakes that can be found in Mexico?

How lucky was i ?

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