Thursday, September 24, 2009

Overwhelming But Exciting Experience


I have always been concerned about taking my dog to the beach. Not that i'm worried she can't swim, but she is a bit impressive when she runs towards people, she tends to jump on people which would make more than one freak out completely and let's be honest, she has not a freaking clue of how strong she is thus when i'm talking about jumping on people, she more throws herself at people. So imagine 20 kilos, full speed, throwing itself at you ...

a) it's impressive ... very
b) it hurts ... big time
c) it knocks you down ... no matter what.

Add to this the fact that she is a 9.5 months old female pitbull in heat and that is quite something.

Taking advantage of Bart being here and excited about the idea of doing something new with my dog, we took her to the river ... For that, there are several options around PV and we started with the closest one: RIO AMECA.

Rio Ameca is a big bad ass river that is the natural border of Jalisco and Nayarit. Well, apart from the fact that to ACCESS the river, you need to go through the Federal Police Station's parking lot, we quickly realized this was NOT a good idea:
I think no translation is needed here ;-)

So we then headed further south, to RIO PITILLAL, a shallow crocodile-free river. And he surely didnt take Niki long to figure out that river=water=cool=fun=i want to stay here all day.

I must say, things got a bit overwhelming at first, water in her eyes, in her ears, she has to swim cuz water is a tad too deep, she has to hop to go against the current, she has to jump to get back on the bank ...
But it didnt take long for her to truly enjoy it, and jump in the water from the bank ... Oh she was soooo cute doing so.

But then again ... my dog is still a puppy ... and like any puppy, she gets tired after such streneous exercise and excitement. The face speaks louder than words ...
She slept half of the way back home and was such a quiet sleeping beauty after that ... I will surely repeat the experience ... Especially when we have to deal with such umberable heat ...

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