Saturday, March 20, 2010


Last Sunday, i went sailing with my BF and some friends. I have been living in Mexico long enough to know that the sun here, even in March, is not a pussy and can do some serious damage. So yeah, first thing i put in my bag for the day, was the sunblock. As well as a hat, sunglasses and everything else you take when you go to the beach.

Since i am insanely sensitive to the cold and the departure was at 8am, i also carried with me a long sleeve shirt, sweat pants and a sweater. Tourists on board the sailboat looked at me like "what the hell is wrong with you?". Not that i really care what they think. I've been working in the sun for the past 8 years, trust me, i know how to protect myself. And no, you will never see me so burnt it hurts just to look at it. I has happened to me in the past and i swore it wouldnt happen to me ever again.

Well i should have shut up. I dont get burnt at work on the pier. I dont get burnt on the ears, in the neck, on the back of the legs, on the feet when i use sandals. No no. That, i have under control. But there is ONE spot i had no idea i could get THAT burnt. And man, does that hurt.

I got sunburnt on my lips. Just the lower one. But you should see how gross it is, how painful it is, how disgusting-looking it is. I can't smile, i can't open my mouth wide enough to feed myself, i can't kiss, i can't do anything. And it hurts like fucking hell. I mean my lip is burnt to the millionth degree, broken open in 4 different parts, full of pus and scabs. IT IS GROSS. I had no idea that could happen. But yet again, i should have known better. I have sailed in the past, i have skiied in the past. And never has that happen to me.

When i told my dad that i had burnt lips, the first thing he asked me was: did you go sailing or what? Damn dad, how do you KNOW?

So yeah, now i'm at home, taking care of my destroyed lip, applying after-sun aloe vera lotion on it every 2 hours and well, hoping for the best. By "the best" i mean hoping that i will get my soft lip back sometime soon. It's been almost week, i have suffered enough.

PS: after yesterday's picture, i thought maybe a post without a creepy disgusting ripped lip was a good idea.

PS: OK, real reason why i didnt put a picture is because i couldnt find one disgusting enough :)


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