Friday, March 19, 2010

On Why I Wish I Was Born A Man

What a catchy title!

Ok, this really is random rambling. I had that very sentence passing through my brain this other day. Well, it was more like, "damn, why the fuck arent i a man?" or "jeez, lucky bastards men are, they dont have to pull up with all that shit".

By "all that shit", i mean, menstruation. It's not precisely shitty to menstruate, it's just a plain pain in the ass. Well, not exactly in the ass. Oh come on, it's an expression. Aaaaargh. Godammit. See what i mean. THAT kinda shit. Those swings of mood. The simple fact that everything and anything can irritate the crap out of you. Either that or make you break down and cry. And realizing you're crying cause you're boyfriend didnt say "thank you" when you passed him the salt over dinner makes you feel even shittier.
So needless to say that overacting is also part of the deal. It's kind of a package deal you know. And how lucky are we? It's a package deal that comes back every single bloody month (no pun intented).

So yeah, there are some great advantages about being a man. Apart from the obvious, like being able to pee standing (i personally think that is freakin AWESOME), having the strenght to change your car-wheel alone, not being screwed up by the mechanics, being able to burp or spit in public, not having to queue for hours in public bathroom, sitting with your legs open, cheap underwear (or no underwear at all) and another billion of other stuff, i truly think that the best advantage on being a man is not having to deal with your hormones as much as we do as women.

I also think this is the reason why there aren't too many women in power in the world. Because even though we can multitask where men can't, even though we can be a housewife in the morning, a perfect employee in the afternoon, super mom in the evening and a great wife at night and men can only be men, those 4 days a month screw us all up ... And big time.

So gentlemen, i'm not gonna ask you to excuse us to be unfathomable every now and then, just shut up, suck it up and deal with it. The best you can. Just as we do ;)

For those who have no idea what this is all about, and for your general information, no, we don't bleed enough to write fuck off and die in blood on the floor of our bathroom, otherwise, we'd truly be those creatures from another planet who can heavily bleed 4 days a month and still be alive and kicking. What kinda freaky being can do that?

And yes, i also think this drawing is creepy. But it matches the mood perfectly :D


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