Sunday, March 07, 2010

I Want A Giraffe

DAMN! I haven't been writing in AGES. Kinda makes me feel guilty as hell. I can't say i haven't thought about it but i have been so very busy lately.

So very busy taking care of my stupid ZOO on Facebook. I mean damn, this thing is addictive. So there i am, with my hundreds of animals, reproducing them, training them, salving them, adopting them, whatever you can do with them, accumulating points, and buying lush trees and bushes which can give you more coins when you shake them, and collecting bags of money from the entrance, and searching for the treasures that are hidden in your neighbor's/friend's zoos, and shaking their trees and statues to get more coins, and trying to get through the achievements and instructions they give you, and dying to buy a mammoth (but it's only by giving your credit card number and i'm not that addicted yet) and this and that. Takes me ages to find the treasure in my own bloody zoo cuz i got so many cages to check.

So yeah, i had a Happy Aquarium and i was fine with it. Cleaning my tank and my friend's tanks, collecting coins in my treasure chest and my friend's chests as well, buying new fishes, training fishes, adopting fishes, buying decorations for the aquarium and stuff, yeah, that was when life was easy.

Then i got hooked into Happy Island and now in Zoo World.

What is the point of those games? There is NONE. And that's the saddest part of it. I mean i spend HOURS playing for absolutely nothing. Doesnt bring me money or reward of any kind. I just get extra 250 points or 1 extra wildlife coin when i go up in levels but that's pretty much it. Maybe one day i'll be over it. But in the meanwhile ...


(that very same one that you can see on the picture ... the elephant and the lion, i got already, but the giraffe, i really want - and FYI, MY zoo is now worth $15849600 (not that pathetic $750 mrentioned on this screen) and i have 4 islands full of animals ...)

Please ...  :)


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