Monday, May 03, 2010

How Old Are You Again?

A few days ago, my best friend and neighbor Nahomi invited me to a bbq at her house. I really like going to her parties cuz i dont have any traveling time to do!! We literally live next to each other !! Her husband's speciality, or maybe i should say ONE of her husband's cooking speciality is manta ray, and that's what was on the menu that night. And jeez does that taste good!

Nahomi and i have been working together for almost 6 years now and been friends for pretty much the same amount of time. So obviously, we do have a lot of friends in commun and obviously, a lot of those friends work with us.

Well that evening, one of my ex boyfriend was there. Well actually a few of them were there but that particular one, i hadnt seen or been around him in quite some time. We nastily split up a couple of years ago, then became friends again, then destroyed our relationship over stupid stuff and both kinda moved on with our lives. Or so i thought.
I dont hold the grudge with people. And since we had such a great friendship and connection together, i actually thought it was sad to end up not talking. But that was his decision and if that was going to help him moving on, then i could only but respect it.

What i wasnt expecting though, is that he would actually act like a 5 years old all evening, turning his back on me all the time. He actually arrived within a group of 5 people, 4 of them all greeting me upon arrival, one of whom i didnt know but he presented himself to me, we chit chat for a few minutes and that's it.

When he arrived, he did not look at me once, he didnt say hi and every time i was changing position, moving around to talk to everybody, he was making sure to give his back to me.


I mean, i understand you dont want to talk to me anymore, i understand our split has been rough on you and that it took you quite some time to accept the fact that we wouldnt be an item anymore, that i didnt nurture love feelings for you any longer but i mean COME ON. You're a grown man. You have a girlfriend. You're THIRTY YEARS OLD. Get over with it already.

I'm not asking you to ask me how i am, to spend the entire evening small talking to me. Just a polite good evening, acknowledging the fact that you saw me and are ok with it, acting like an ADULT, not like a 5 years old who's still pissed off 2 years later for not getting the last candy bar at a birthday party.

I dont need you in my life, nor will i lose sleep over this. But how immature is that? I was genuinely shocked. And disappointed in a way. Just like today when i realized my boyfriend i split up with some 3 weeks back doesnt have the balls to tell me he's dating someone else already. I mean what are you guys expecting? That i'm gonna voodoo you into some horrendous pain for not worshiping me for ever and ever?

What is wrong with you people? Get a grip, move on and act like grown ups. There is nothing more pityful than adults acting like kindergarden kids.

"Act your AGE, not your SHOE SIZE"

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  1. whoah!!! that was so stupid of him. Big Loser!!! i think in his mind he know he's a loser, but he just don;t want to accept the fact... he stink!!! send him a diaper.