Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Mom Found My Sex Toys


Oh yes she did.

Just before they arrived here in Mexico for a 12 days stay, i had carefully put my sex toys away, that is to say at the very back of my highest closet's shelf. I knew that with my parents here, chances of using them were nonexistent.

Well i should have known better.

While they were here, i took advantage of my dad being quite a handy man to fix stuff in my house, such as curtain rails, kitchen cupboards, fixing a million stuff and so on. While he was doing all that, i found the energy to paint my living room and kitchen. It was more than long due.

But since my parents were sleeping in my bedroom, i had told them that i'd paint the bedroom walls once they're gone so they wouldnt have to sleep in the living room or in the bedroom with paint smell.

I dont know what my mom did or WHY but she thought that painting my closet was also a tall order (and an urgent one with all that) so she EMPTIED my entire closet.


I didnt realized it until she had put everything back inside the following day. Which was one day before they would be departing. And there is no freaking way she couldnt see them. They were neatly stored in their case and my mom opens every single thing she finds to check what she can or cannot trash.

They left today.

First things i checked when i came back home after dropping them at the airport were my toys. My entire closet is upside down, nothing is where it used to be and i was dreading she had thrown them away. But no. They were still in their case, still neatly accomodated and in a complete different location which means she had seens them and/or touch them and just the thought of it makes me uneasy.

She freaked out when she found out, a few years ago, that i have a piercing in my tongue. Now she found my sex toys and most likely also bumped into my lubrifiant bottle when she cleaned the bathroom ... I'd PAY to know what she thought at that very moment.

She must think i'm this depraved, debauched, perv sex addict ...

Which i am ...

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