Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WTF Is Going On ??

A few posts back, i swore to god that i would never ever drink again. EVER.

There's "ever" in whatever ...

I went out Saturday night, first, to watch Manny Pacquiao's box fight against Mexican Antonio Margarito (who got beaten the crap out of by the way), then to check out a local strip club (never been to one so that was long due) and ended up dancing the night away, including banda music with my 2 lesbian friends at a gay club.

By the time i arrived back home, it was already 6:30am, sun was rising and i was moderatly drunk, the cool morning air not helping whatsoever to drop down my coming hangover. I slept the entire day sunday and had the most un-productive day that someone can possibly have.

What wasnt planned was that i would be invited to the inauguration of a beach/lounge/gay bar downtown on Monday evening, thanks to my super social-skilled friend Mau. Since we arrived as late as can be, we had only a few canapés down our throat but compensated with excessive refills on white wine and champagne. Oh yeah.

So by the time they were closing the bar, we were so very well on our way to one long night ... And we sure did (have one long night).

After making a complete fool of myself at the restaurant we had dinner to by spilling half of my plate of pasta on my skirt, we checked pretty much every single gay bars and clubs of town and ended up in the same place as 2 nights prior (for me).

You do pretty crazy stuff in a gay club but for the sake of our story, i'll just say we danced the night away yet again. Until it was 6am AGAIN.

It was 10am when we finally laid down, so a good 26 hours after i actually woke up the day before and i just couldnt sleep ... At all. Not even remotely tired, not dozzing off, nothing.
So since my dear friend was lost in what seemed delicious oblivion, i decided to take off and get back home. Maybe i could get some rest since i was gonna be in my own bed.

Well i was wrong.

It is now 10:10pm, i'm starting my 39th hour awake, alive and somehow kicking. I've cleaned by bedroom, swept the floor, mopped the floor as well, did the dishes, checked my farm, read a few chapters of a book, took a steaming shower, drank an herbal tea, took some sleep-inducing pills and nothing. I am still wide awake.



Say "no" to drugs ... they're EVIL.

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