Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm A Slave Trader Capitalist Farmer

Except that i have no employee to work to death since i'm the only one actually "working" there.

What in the hell am i talking about?
I'm talking about the biggest addiction ever in the virtual world: FARMVILLE.
A few months ago, my dear friend Nahomi kinda begged me to open my farm because she was missing just a few extra neighbors to pass level or to get her farm bigger or whatever. Back in the days, i had stopped playing Zoo World (where i never got the giraffe i wanted so bad then), or Happy Aquarium, or Happy Island (being drained in the addiction's abysm of both of these by the same Nahomi). To make it simpler, i had stopped getting online Facebook. For my own safety and sanity.

One of my ex being a Farmville farmer, i knew what the game was about and i knew i'd get hooked up to that shit in no time.

Nahomi is indeed a very convincing person when she needs something and she dragged both myself and her husband in the process. Needless to say i didnt just started a farm to help her get one more neighbor. I got completely hooked in the process and started exchanging tips with her and some more neighbors i got quickly. To the point that i now have a bigger farm than she does, twice as many neighbors as she does and probably spend twice the time on it as she does.

Welcome to the sweet world of the worst addiction ever: video games!

There is however, this massive difference between me and her. She was like that when we both had an island and an aquarium. She arrages things so it looks nice and neat. I dont.

I mean my farm looks neat and there are no trees or animal all over the place. But i dont buy decoration shit that is only space consuming. Every single thing i have on my farm, makes me money. If it doesnt or i dont have room for it and it's not rewarding enough money-wise, i get it from my neighbors and sell it right away. Like the chickens for example. I mean a chicken gets you 12 pesos - yes i count in pesos i live in Mexico - but i can only fit 80 in the chicken coop. Well too bad, every time i get a chicken from a mystery egg, i sell it. It gets me 20 pesos but i keep the room for something else that can get me more cash.

So when people send me flower bouquets or fancy fence or whatever dust-catcher they can find, i get it and sell it. Right away. I want stuff that makes money. Nothing else.

And since i now have the biggest plantation that is currently available, 723 plow-able squares and pretty much every single tree that is available for sale in the market, i am now shooting for the moon and trying to get ALL the masteries of ALL trees and seeds.

How long is it gonna take?
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing.
It's capitalism at its best.

Production production production.

Will i get a reward at the end?
Most likely not.
Do i look like i care?

I have entered another dimension of players by asking complete strangers to be my neighbors so i can speed up passing levels. I get tons of stuff in no time. It is actually getting exciting.
Now if you'll excuse me, i have some serious harvesting to do.

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