Friday, March 18, 2011

I've Been Raped By A Mosquito

This morning i woke up with a major itch in the crotch area and when i checked where the itch was coming from, i realized that i had a mosquito bite on the INSIDE part of my lips down there.

I mean SERIOULSY mosquito? Amongst all the real estate surface that is available (and easily accessible when i'm asleep) it had to be THERE? And i mean, what a fierce mosquito it was, i sleep with a 6ft tall man and 2 cats. Do you think one of them would have done something to help? Nah. I feel truly offended and totally let down :(

I know i sleep naked but i do cover myself and there are some more accessible spots for blood. And some way more respectable places to scratch all day.

Vinegar, lemon and all those home-remedies to control the itching, in that particular area, no thanks. And every time i go to the bathroom, i get to scratch it "bien a gusto".

This is the first time this ever happen to me. I really hope it's the last!

PS: damn, the more i look at that mosquito picture, the more i think this is one of the grossiest animal ever. Wakala.

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