Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter and Holy-days!

Yesterday, today and up until monday morning, it's Easter holidays. At least in Mexico it is. I volunteered at work (i know, don't ask) to cover these 2.5 days worth of work and i was pretty much the only one in doing so. But anyway.

On Thursday, my boss didnt come but he called me a couple of time to check if everything was going ok. With only 2 phone calls that day, i told him that yeah, he could stay at the water park with his son (laughs). And this morning, it was only the 2 of us in the office. After a few hours of incredible silence, he told me: this is stupid being here i mean, the phone hasnt rang in 3 hours, i havent received 1 single email. What's the point on being here? 

So he said: when you go for lunch at 2pm, you can just go home. If you have any problem (cuz i'm on call over the week-end), just give me a shout. The phone hasnt rang since yesterday around 11am. I love it.

When i took off from the office, i didnt like it that much. First of all, i was parked in full sun so my car was a oven. And by the time the AC kicks in, i'd be home already so why bother?

And that's when i saw it. It's not holy week, it's holy mother fucking crap!

There are cars everywhere, people everywhere, crossing the streets all over the place, car parked in every single little corner or space of sidewalk available. It makes me dizzy.

It took me twice the time to get back home, in my oven of a car.

I hate the holidays.

But now, it's friday afternoon and i am OFF FOR 2.5 DAYS! 

Now it would all be PERFECT if i had a basket of eggs ...

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