Sunday, April 24, 2011

Repeat After Me




I havent been writing in what feels like months (which when i look at it, it's not too far from the truth), it makes me feel terribly guilty but at the same time, i have no inspiration whatsoever. 

No crazy things happening to me, everything rolling smoothly and nicely. I now understand more and more why poets or writers are either alcoholics or drug addicts. 

My most productive months over the past almost 2 years that i started this blog, have been when i was either depressed or blue or dealing with stupid asses in my life. There still are stupid asses in my life but they either got strucked by enlightment lately or carefully hiding not to be seen.

I've also realized that happiness makes you live in that bubble and everything around is now pinkfully distorded. Everything looks nice and good and beautiful, nothing is weird or gross or odd. I mean damn, what can i write about now? About other's misery? That'd be nasty. I am not gonna take advantage of other's misery.

So i'll think about something cool and i'll get back to this place. Hopefully soon :)

Be patient!
Remember that the best things in life are the one worth waiting for... And let's be honest, i'm not gonna start feeling miserable to get my inspiration back !!

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