Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's Getting Worse

I'm allergic to a lot of stuff. Everything has been pretty much under control but i have a feeling it's getting worse every year.

At age 13 (maybe 14), i was declared allergic to dust mites. In other word, to all the little microscopic bugs that can be found in the dust. Not the dust in the streets or outside, the dust you find in the houses. So as soon as i was vaccuuming my room, changing my sheets, cleaning behind my desk, it was a non stop run of sneezing and running nose.

Then we found out i was also allergic to mold. And living in a 100+ year old house with my parents was probably not helping.

Then, after a very interesting turn of events, i found out i was allergic (and that's probably my most serious allergy so far) to a solvent called benzene. How did i found out? At the hairdresser, wanting to go platinum blonde and ending up with my head the shape of a light bulb. With my scalp so burnt it turned red, and my hair all glued up together like giant rat tails. 

I said benzene is my worse allergy cuz you can find benzene or its derivatives in pretty much anything that includes solvent: thiner, amoniac, paint (to name but a few).

Then i got a serious intestinal infection and dont do milk well anymore. I mean i can still drink milk but i know i'll spend the next 3 days in the bathroom. So not so much fun!

Last year, i got an allergic reaction to aspirin. 

And just last week, i was washing my hair with this new shampoo i bought to enlighten my hair and i was feeling kinda weird afterwards. Like my entire face was pulsing. My eyes were puffed up the following morning as well but were back to normal after i made it to work so i didnt pay much attention to it.
After a couple of days, i washed my hair again and again, i felt weird. Dear Beloved was so much quicker to react and told me to get my ass back in the shower to wash off the shampoo residue  and check the composition of this new shampoo that was most likely toxic for me.

And he was right. My new chamomille shampoo has amoniac derivatives as part of its formula and i was getting an allergic reaction. 

So what's next? I mean seriously, dust mites, mold, solvents, milk, aspirin and even shampoo!!! Add to that the fact that i'm asthmatic and yay, what a cool healthy life i have! I'm also allergic to slow people, lack of common sense and racism but i dont think there are meds for these!

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