Thursday, June 14, 2012


Otherwise, let's be honest, it wouldn't be half as fun.

I did some laundry tonight. Since it's 30°C outside pretty much all night, i figured i didn't have to wait until the week-end to do laundry. For those of you who don't measure temperature in Celsius degrees (shame on you), it's hot. It's very hot. OK, fine, it's 86°F. There. Happy now? So back to what i was saying: it's hot. 

So i was happily dividing the dirty clothes in piles depending on the color when i found some very much alive worms in the laundry basket. First thing i thought was: well that's a first. Having to deal with thousand of worms because i put some old meat in the trash and forget to take the trash out on trash day has happened to me more than i can recall but worms in the laundry basket, dam, that's new.

Well, i thought, if i'm going to find something that shouldn't be here while dividing my laundry, i might as well do it outside. 

Oh dear god.

1) there was a live cockroach in the washing machine. Since i cant touch this kind of animal with my hands (dead or alive), i covered it with my color pile of dirty clothes and told him goodbye.

2) when i was putting the black pile in the washer, i found out where the worms were coming from: a dead rat. In the middle of my clothes. It was pretty much dried up but still immensely gross.

3) on a complete different register, i planted some habanero seeds. And touched my face afterwards. I should know better. My face has now been on fire for 2 hours.

Now let's be honest. If the stuff that happens to me wouldn't happen to me, life wouldn't be half as fun. Mine at least!

But still.

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  1. Eeeeeewwwww!!!! Dead rat with worms! We had one like that in the check in office and man did it stink!!!