Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Drove My New Car

A month after i got my new car, i finally drove it. Yesterday evening. To go to the ATM 3 blocks away from home.

I like to call it mine. That's what the papers are saying. The car, the loan, the insurrance, everything is under my name. But Dear Beloved drives it. Not me. And it's the most awesome car ever. 
So yesterday evening, i finally did drive it. And it was an orgasmic experience.

Except that ... it's such a fancy car i couldnt find the AC, it bipped like crazy because i turned it on before i put my seat belt on, the side mirrors are automatic and it's like vuuuuut, vuuuuuuut when they turn, the doors unlock with a remote and with a meeeeek sound, you cant turn on the engine unless you step on the clutch, there's a bip if you exit the car with the lights still on ...

And it smells new.

I've never ever even SAT in such a bad ass car.

I wish i could drive it more often!

PS: and yes, THIS is a picture of the car we have. How awesome does it look?


  1. You've gotta love the smell of a brand new car. :) Congratulations on finally driving your new car, my friend. I assume, above this comment box is an image of a Honda Accord. Good choice of brand. Honda's cars embody excellent mechanics, a superb fuel economy and an even more rewarding performance.

  2. Good choice of car color! Such a shade never really goes out of style. By the way, don’t forget to regularly check your car’s engine to make sure it will not develop any problems. Keep the interior parts clean to prevent car molds from developing in the corners.

    Patrick Gauer

  3. “And it smells new.”---- After I read this, I suddenly remembered my first car. Haha! How great is the feeling of getting your own first car? Heaven’s what I feel every time I touch the steering wheel, feel the seats and the rest of its interior. :’)