Friday, February 22, 2013


I don't think the word exists but it doesn't really matter, i invented it and i think it fits. 

The other day, i was reading an article about cats and i was amazed to learn that of all mammals, cats heal 3 times faster than any other. Which means that if you take for example, a horse, a human being and a cat, all 3 of them with a broken leg, well the cat is gonna be up and running 3 times faster than the other 2. And why is that? Because cats PURR.

After digging it a little more, i found out that cats purring is on a frequency range that improve bone density and promote healing. So cats don't only purr when they're happy. They actually purr more when in a stressful environment, or when they're hurt. To heal themselves. Or soothe themselves.

In that same article was a mention of therapy cats and how some Asian folks have set some cat therapy clinics to help patients combat a variety of physical illnesses, as well as anxiety disorders, depression, loneliness and developmental disabilities.

A few days ago, i wasn't well at all. I was crying non-stop and had anxiety attacks. My shrink told me that it will happen from time to time and that it is part of the mourning process but that doesn't make it any less damaging. Especially when you're alone. 

But as i did with my insomnia problem, i refuse to let depression take over my life, i refuse to let  that loss rule my world and a friend of mine i had talked about that catherapy reminded me of it. He told me: you have 3 cats at your entire disposal, use them, cuddle them, lay down with them and let them help you mend the pieces of your broken heart and fill at least some of the void in your soul.

And i did.
And it worked.

Funnily enough, every time i have felt down, my 3 cats have been more cuddly and they all come on my bed at night (before that, it was only when it was cold, and most of the time, only in the morning, when the alarm had just rang to make me understand it was high time to feed them). It's amazing the wonders a purring cat can do. It's soothing to a point you don't want to cry anymore. It's comforting to a point you don't feel that pain piercing you anymore.

My cats are the best. And i'm sure they're not done helping me going through this all.
 Yeti is the best "healer"
Nina is the best "cuddler"

My other cat Psycha, doesnt care for healing or cuddling. She just want to be fed :P

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