Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine Day ... to ME

I believe i've said it before but i'll repeat it again, just to make sure. I dont like Valentine's day. I think it's cheesy, i think it kills the entire concept of love and more to the point, i think it's commercial.

I'm not saying this because i'm single and without a Valentine. I've always felt that way. I think if you love someone, you dont need a day that the calendar imposes you to let him/her know about it. If you love someone, you show him/her every single day that passes. Why do you need to be the 14th of February to take him to dinner, or give him chocolates, or a present or whatever. There are 365 days in a year and you should make the best of them ALL.

Here in Mexico, Valentine's day is not only the day for lovers it's also the day for friends. It's the day of love and friendship. How about that? I like that better. In a way. That's a commercial way-out for single people to still spend money on gifts for friends instead of spending it on a lover. But i also like the concept since nobody is left out in the celebration. There is always someone who's gonna wish you the best and show you their love and support and it feels nice.

Today, since i'm single, i decided to do not-fun stuff by going to the bank. When i got there, my adviser wasnt there and nobody else was available so i thought, well, not meant to do this today then. Since i was there, i decided to go sit on the beach and watch the ocean. Something i havent done in so long i dont even remember the last time i actually did it. You never do stuff like that when you can - cuz it's right there. I'm sure i'll miss it like crazy when i'm gone but that's another story. 

It's when i stepped on the beach that i realized i was on the exact same spot i came to the first time i set foot on a beach here in Puerto Vallarta, some 11 years ago. Talking about closing chapters. I've always believed everything happens for a reason and me ending up there today was no coincidence. I was meant to be there, especifically to close chapters. Just like i did yesterday with all these old memories of my life here. 

The moment was quiet and beautiful. I topped it up with a massage that left me amazingly mellow and relaxed. I'm gonna go take a nap now. The only thing that could make this day even better than it is already, is my neighbor coming tonight with his friend telling me he's buying the house. I've already put a bottle of champagne in the fridge for the celebration!

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