Friday, February 15, 2013

My Cats Dont Care About Health

As some of you might remember, pretty much a year ago, ex-Dear Beloved and i switched the diet of all of our 5 pets (2 dogs and 3 cats) to the BARF diet. It was healthier and way more natural than kibbles and canned food and i'd say all our pets changed to that menu pretty easily.

It's been a year now and as you also know, i'm moving back to France next month and i know that for a while at least, my cats will be back to eat kibbles. I know, i know, shame on me. I'm not too happy about it either to be honest but you cant put fresh meat in their cage for the trip and i dont know if i'll have a fish shop close by or a butcher close by when i'm in France and even if i do, they wont taste the same. They're already gonna have to adapt to the new weather (which is going to be as drastic a change as it will be for me) i dont want them to have to adapt to new food as well. Not just yet anyway.

So earlier this week, i went to the supermarket, got them a bag of kibbles and damn them, you should have seen their reaction. The second i plunged a cup in the bag, all 3 of them came rushing from wherever they were and sat in front of their bowl.

I havent seen them eating that enthusiastically for quite a while to be honest. And the first thing i thought was, well, there you go for the healthy diet, they couldnt care less, they want kibbles. Screw fresh meat, screw everything bloody you put in our plate before, WE WANT KIBBLES.

Hopefully, Yeti will start putting on some weight. He's so skinny he's the one i worry about the most for the big trip to France.

But anyways, i'll keep you all posted about the trip back to France. I believe there are going to be countless of anectodes and crazy stuff happening in between now and then, both for my cats and for myself. It would be a shame not to share them all :)

PS: the picture is a couple of years old but from left to right: Psycha, Yeti and Nina (when we just got her)

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  1. are kibbles really that bad for the kitties? i thought kibbles were specially formulated with vitamins, minerals, and horsemeat etc. judging by your cats' reaction to kibbles back in the house, i'm guessing it's like kittie candy!