Thursday, October 07, 2010

I Am Writing Again

I mean i am writing again for real, with a pen and paper. Yesterday, for the first time in MONTHS (last time if i recall was in january this year), i grabbed my diary and started writing. And the most amazing of it all, is that i wrote in FRENCH.
THAT hadnt happen in YEARS. I think last time i wrote a line in french in a diary was back in 2006. So that's an eternity ago.

Something has changed in me over the past few days. Or more exactly, something my psy said made me click. That was on monday. I havent stopped smiling since. I'm feeling happy. But i mean a "happy" i can't explain. Everything seems to fall into place, i sleep like a log, i've found the pleasure of writing again (and i did write for about 2 hours yesterday so my wrist was KILLING me this morning), i cant stop smiling like an idiot, i even found an idea of outfit for Halloween when i normally NEVER even want to go out that day and i'm actually excited about it, nothing seems to bother me anymore ...

So i wonder ... is that what normal people feel? Is is gonna last? Do i have a choice? Can i be this happy as long as i want to?

I'd like to believe i have the power to feel that way ... and guess what?
I actually think i do.


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