Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I've Just Married People

Well, kinda.

It sounds surreal for a person like me to say something like this since i dont really believe in the "happily ever after" nor am the kinda person who'd completely lose it over a bouquet's color or the material used for the "chemin de table".

I work for a company that apart from selling tours, also sell wedding packages.
And i must say, my colleague who's in charge of that particular part is doing an AMAZING job with the flowers, the decorations, the organization and most of it all, with dealing with neurotic brides.

How the hell did i end up on the other side of the altar, virtually marrying people then?
Cuz on sunday's wedding, half of the groom's family was from Quebec and speak no other language than french.

God damn them.

So my colleague and friend asked me if i wouldn't mind stepping in and repeat after the minister ... but in french.
And i said "i do".

So here was i, rehearsing my lines in a language i dont speak that well anymore, gathering myself together to pronounce 2 people husband and wife in front of an audience.
Needless to say i was a nervous wreck.
But that was nothing compared to the groom's state. And when he said "oh wow" when he saw his soon-to-be wife walking down the aisle, i was so ready to shed a tear. And i thought, jeez, this isnt my wedding, i dont even know these people and i'm that emotional? Holy crap.

I always said i'd never get married. Well ... seeing the emotional wreck i could become during a wedding that isnt even mine surely didnt make me want to change my mind.

Or maybe it was because i felt so sorry for the groom who's bride was looking like she was having the worse time of her life. I dont know really. But one thing is certain ... weddings are really not my cup of tea.

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