Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Painfully Exhausted

It sucks. I mean this is the holiday season, work is finally booming, it's almost time for present unwrapping and for once i'm actually excited about it and i'm sick. Like bad-ass sick. It's my 2nd bronchitis in 3 months and i'm currently dying.
Since it's the 2nd time in such a short amount of time, i've been given some super powerful drugs that make me nauseous or hallucinating. And no, it's no fun.

My chest is so sore from the coughing, my entire body aches, i feel like i've been run over by one of the those packed-to-the-roof-i'm-way-over-the-speed-limit city bus that passes around the corner of my house, i can barely breathe and i'm just exhausted.

I need want to be on top again to enjoy this jolly time! I can't believe i'm actually looking forward to my Christmas dinner and Chirstmas day.

There are only 2 good things in my life right now:  i got my cat back today and my boyfriend is the sweetest pie of the world ...

Happy Christmas y'all =)

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