Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Whoopsy ... on Apologizing and Holiday Wishes

The least i can say is that December will not have been the most productive month there is. I'm talking blog wise. This is the 3rd post this month and there's only 3 days left to this month (and year) and i have no inspiration whatsoever.

There are 3 reasons to this lack of inspiration:
- i've been seriously sick hence wreck-tired
- i've had quite a fair amount of work (and no day off in 11 days)
- and i have a new boyfriend (it's been a month now)

And you all know that when i'm happy, i'm not productive when it comes to writing.

So it was just a little hi, passing by, to re-assure all of you who actually read this blog that i am still alive and somewhat kicking, that i am looking forward to welcoming this new year and while i'm at it, wish you all a fantastic 2011.

All the best =)

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