Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Me and ... Fraggle Rock

A few days ago, i got back on Facebook ... I know, i know shame on me. Whatever. After saying that i've been feeling anaesthetized for the past week or so, i felt i could go back safely. And i did. And guess what?

I felt nothing.

But that's not really the topic here.

So a few days ago, i read on Facebook a little "favor" a lot of people were asking for: change your profile picture for a cartoon image from your childhood to protest againt violence towards children.
I honestly don't think that changing my profile picture on Facebook is gonna do any beaten kid any good but hey, doesnt cost me to do it anyway. So i did it.

from left to right: back row: Mokey, Gobo, Red - front row: Wembley, Boober

It was supposed to be from Nov. 23rd through Nov. 30th and it took me like 3 days to figure out, shit, what cartoon really marked my childhood, considering i've never been a tv person.
And the only one i could remember off was Fraggle Rock. And then i realized that it is NOT a cartoon. It's like a muppet show. But i thought, fuck it, it is something kids watch, it is something I watched when i was little and that made me dream of finding a hole in my wall and tunnels that lead to Fraggle Rock and meet all the characters and shit and dreading to bump into a Gorg or that one of the gorgs would actually eat a fraggle cuz you know when you're a kid you don't know for sure the good ones are gonna make it and the bad ones are gonna loose. And i was having nightmare about those gorgs and i so wanted to be in Fraggle Rock and obviously i was identifying myself to one of them even though back then i didnt really understand why this one more than another one ...
shit they're still scary :s from left to right: self proclaimed King and Queen of the universe and their son Junior

Who am i?
Oh come on! If you're read this blog more than once, or if you actually know me in person, you already know now don't you. I'm RED =)
Here's a quick description (from my dear beloved wikipedia) of who she is (hence who i am) ...

Red has an exuberant and athletic nature; she is one of the best swimmers among the Fraggles. She is also highly cynical of her friends' plans and ideas and often teases Gobo about his Uncle Traveling Matt (occasionally yawning while he reads the postcards). Red, like Gobo, wants to be in control, and there is often friction between them over who should be the one in charge. During the course of the show, Red and Mokey become roommates. Red has a yellowish orange hue, red hair, and wears a red sweater.

She wants to be in charge, doesnt like authority, is sarcastic ... I mean she even have red-hair. And she's also the goofball of the pictures (i can't seem to find one single picture online where she looks "decent").

So for about a week now, i've changed my profile picture to Red's picture (her name is the french version of Fraggle Rock was Maggie) and i now remember that a friend of mine actually said once that i even look like her (i mean, ok, there might be some resemblance in characters but physically, excuse me, but no. I'm not yellow, i dont have long hair, let alone pigtails and i'm not like, OK FINE i look like her ... shit (** sight ** heavy sight**))

So now, every time i've been checking my FB or my farm, i've seen the cartoonized me and want so bad to get the collection of Fraggle Rock on DVD.

Dear Santa, i've been a very good girl (smile heavily loaded with meaning) - even when i've been naughty i've been very good at it.

And i still havent figured out how to post a video so anyway, there you go ... just the way i used to watch it ...

Entrez dans la danse, les soucis n'ont pas de chance
La musique commence, ca c'est fraggle rock
Oubliez la danse, le travail c'est votre chance
Que les jeux commencent, ca c'est fraggle rock
Ca c'est fraggle rock!


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