Friday, December 31, 2010

The One I Get Puked On

I'm on foot again ... two pulleys in my car's engine broke down, along with their base, all red lights turned on on the dashboard and i ended up driving another kilometer or so barely able to turn the driving wheel.

I said it earlier, i dont mind taking the bus, even though at 6pm it's definitely not the most pleasant experience. But let's be honest, it's winter here so people dont sweat that much so it's actually ok. Even after an 11.5 hours worth of work, standing on the pier. I even got to sit down so the 20 minutes were gonna be pleasantly rocking.

Well it WAS actually pleasant until the little kid i was seating next to started feeling sick. And he was signing his dad sitting behind me that he wanted to puke. And i thought, hey, no big deal, little guy is sitting by the open window, he's old enough to have common sense to puke at the window if needed.

Well i was wrong.
I was so very wrong.

Little punkhead stood up and puked his gutts onto me. Well on my lap and legs. And it ran down my socks and shoes. And it was gross. The power of his puke also covered the shirt of a guy standing next to me in the alley. I think we both laugh. I dont know why i thought it was funny.
Punkhead's dad immediately took his shirt off and handed it to me so i could "clean" myself, but really, i didnt care. I felt sorry for the kid since he'd been desperately trying to make his dad understood that he really DID want to puke.

The first thing i thought was, damn, do those things really only happen to me? Does it have to happen after my longest day of work, that very same day i'm exhausted and my legs are killing me? At least it's something funny to talk about to wrap up 2010.

Hope punkhead feels better =)

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