Thursday, January 27, 2011

La la la la, la la la la, eh eh eh, goodbye ...

I've been waiting to write this post for quite a few days now but it wasnt exactly official yet. Well it kinda was, but not quite. Ok, whatever!

A few weeks ago, i quit my job.

Well, it started with a meeting with my boss telling him that i wasnt happy with my job anymore, that i didnt enjoy it the way i used to, that it wasnt fullfilling enough and that working 2 to 4 days a week wasnt floating my boat any longer.
And then that perfect job opportunity popped into my life pretty much unexpectedly. When i went for the interview, the guy who interviewed me (my first boss at the job i've just left) made a description of what i'd call the perfect job, the job i've always wanted to have, along with the possible profesional growth i've always wanted. So when i met my soon-to-be new boss for the last final interview and she asked me to describe my ideal of a job, i told her, please, bring him back in and have him describe what i'll be doing ... THAT is my ideal job!

The law of attraction in all its power.


Yesterday was my last day at work. I hate goodbyes so i tried to cut it short, knowing that people who'll genuinely miss me (and vice versa) will remain in my life.
I pulled out the job i was supposed to and the way it was supposed to be done for one last time.
I wrote a goodbye email to all those people i've been working with on a daily basis. I'm thankful for the opportunity i've been given, i truly enjoyed the ride and i am grateful of the people i got to meet and/or work with but it was time to do something that would make ME happy.
Strangely enough, i have ZERO nostalgy.

I am so ready to move on onto something new, challenging and different. I'm done being the i'm-on-top-of-my-game employee - at least for now ... i am now going to be the new i-know-nothing-yet girl who comes to work with her note book and a pen to take notes on what's to learn.
And i'm oh so excited.

I even changed my job's profile on facebook at it appeared on my profile that "Mathilde has left her job at VA". Just like that. Cristal clear ... I couldnt stop reading it. It made the entire concept so much more real. I just loved it. So did 5 other people as well! The wonders of social networking!

I've been working for this company 8 years ...

Ni las gracias me van a dar ...

PS: and the best of it all ... i dont have to wear a uniform anymore! woooo

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