Monday, January 03, 2011

What Do You Ask?

What do you ask the new year when you already got it all?

That's the question that came to my mind on new year's eve when i had the grapes in my hand ready to pop them in my mouth. Oh yeah, in Mexico, there is this tradition that on new year's eve, for each of the 12 strokes that calls midnight hence the new year starting, you shovel down a grape and wish for something.
So technically, you wish 12 things for the new year.

One second.
One stroke.
One wish.

I realized i've never had 12 wishes ready to wish for so i always end up, after 2 or 3 wishes thinking, shit, what could i wish for next, then realize i'm already 5 wishes behind, shovel down my remaining grapes and think sod it, next year i'll be better prepared and i'll make a list with 12 wishes that i can think off at that particular moment.

Needless to say i've never done such list. And this year was obviously no exception.

So there i was, with my little bag of grapes in my hand, realizing that in just a few minutes from then i'll be having cold sweats thinking of what could i wish for. And that's when it stroked me in the face. I dont have any special wish for this coming year. I really feel like i have it all already.

I have a house i adore, a boyfriend i love to bits, a cat (just rescued another one today), a car that works decently (that just broke down 3 days ago), a pretty good health (although there is definitely room for improvement here), a job that doesnt fullfill me any longer but provides me with economic stability, plans for this year to do voluntary work, amazing friends and a great family. What can i possibly ask for?

And i couldnt find more than just a couple of things to wish for for 2011. And it wasnt even for myself ...

I guess when you finally find happiness, the only thing you truly wish for is not for this happiness to keep going on but for your loved ones to finally find their own too =)

And that's what i wished for this year.

All the best to YOU. If i can have it all, so can you ...

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