Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Off ?? Really?

For the first time in around 9 years, i am off on a wednesday. When i come to think about it, i dont think it has happened to me EVER. Apart when on vacation, i always worked on wednesday. And since i've been working with cruise ships, wednesday has always been the busy looong day of the week, with up to 4 ships in port and me running around the maritime terminal like a headless chicken, starting my day at 6am and gloriously arriving back home at around 9pm.

Well, a few weeks ago, Carnival Splendor's machine room had the good idea to set up on fire. I'll pass you on the end of the world type of situation people had to go through to get their ass sailed back to San Diego, point is, damages were way more serious than initially evaluated and damn ship had to go to dry dock to fix up everything.

Added to that, one of the wednesday ship that is now coming on tuesdays, another one chartered to Hawaii for the entire month of January and the 4th one which is starting to come to port next week.

Conclusion of it all: i am off today ... On a wednesday.

And that throws me completely off.

I have no idea what time it is or what day it is. It feels like a sunday but Post Secret hasnt been updated today (cuz it's not sunday), i wanted to call a friend to chitchat but she's working, buses are packed full of students coming out of school  and traffic is insane.

Just like a normal wednesday.

So tomorrow thursday will most likely feel like a monday and i'm gonna be completely off for the rest of the week, having no clue what day is it. And we have a ship on friday which is normally my day off. And my internet sales' colleagues has a new girl to cover her on the week-ends so i'm not gonna be working at the office anymore on sundays.

Yeah, well, it's gonna feel like i'm a tourist with no clue what day is it ... except that, well, i'm not on vacations.


PS: just found out that wednesday is also called hump day, which i dont know what it means so if someone would be so kind as to explain it to me ... i'm too lazy investigate this one thorugh.

PS2: yes the second illustration doesnt have much to do with the post but i like the face of the woman riding the turtle and guess i could have written an entire post about it ...

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