Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stop Complaining

Times DOES fly now doesnt it?

But anyways.

A few days ago, i found an article online about a woman who wrote a book about the French and their amazing ability of complaining all the time. Which with hindsight, i can actually say it's true. Never have i noticed how much French people complain until i lived abroad. And it bothers the crap out of me. 

I complain myself. I do. And a lot. But my fellow countrymen truly are out of control!

So half intrigued, half amused and half mortified (yeah i know that makes one and a half but as i mentioned earlier, this is my blog and i do what i want!), i started reading the article titled something like "how to stop complaining in 21 days?"

Why 21 days you'll ask? Well apparently, 21 to 28 days is the minimum requested time for an addiction or a habit to stop being one. Once you passed those 3 weeks, habits can be controlled, turned over, changed, modified or kicked out, as you wish. 

So i thought, well let's give this a shot. I decided on this on Sunday morning so 3 weeks would take me to the end of may. Perfect. I like things to be square (yet i'm a very messy person but that's another story).

Obviously, you have to tell people about it. Otherwise (especially knowing myself), you can cheat as much as you want and that kinda kills the purpose of it all. So i told my man about it, he smiled with that kind of smile that says a LOT and said ok.

Monday morning, my cats were running all over the house chasing themselves and fighting, my dog refused to walk so was jumping up and down and barking her head off, i hit my wrist onto my sliding door's handle and cut myself deep. I was beyond pissed. I was crazy mad ...

Day 1 of my "i complain no more" project: EPIC FAIL.

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