Sunday, May 29, 2011

Don't Take Things For Granted

I know i am stating the obvious but a good reminder can do no harm.

Why is that we think that all that we have is a solid fact. I only realized today how lucky i am to have an exceptional man in my life just because we fought this morning. Over something stupid of course but we had our first half heated argument. It's not even something that bad but my ego got hit in the face and i over-reacted.


After i took him to work, i was thinking about it all and i realized that, damn, it IS true that we only realize how valuable things are until we dont have them anymore.

For those worrying about me breaking up, no, don't worry, the argument wasnt THAT bad! LOL. But it made me realize that my man is a wonderful person who treats me like a queen and makes me feel oh so good. I knew that already but a quick reminder, as i said, never hurts anybody.

And then i started realized that we do take a lot for granted. Your health, your wealth, your well being, your job, your friends, your house, your food, your car, electricity, running water, clothing ... and the list goes on ...

I have seen this video before, several times. At moment like this particular one in my day, or my life, on which i needed a reminder, i watched it again.

Maybe you can spare 3:27 minutes as well ...

Appreciate what you have!

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