Monday, May 23, 2011

Even My Dentist Knows ...

I'm a lefty. And as my title says, even my dentist knows.
Technically, i am not. Not a 100% full left-handed woman. But thre is an incredible amount of stuff i do with my left hand. Cutting my meat, sweeping the floor, dealing cards, among many others. 
Today i had a dentist appointment. First one in what seems ages but one of my teeth on the left-hand side was killing me and i thougt it might have been a cavity.
The good news is: it wasn't.


However, he asked me: are you left-handed?
I told him that not really, i was more right-handed than left-handed but again, i DO do a lot of things with my left hand. He said: your left teeth are more worn out than your right ones. So he got me thinking and i realized that i do chew a lot more on the left side than on the right side.
And then he asked me: do you happen to know if you grind your teeth at night? And i was like, shit how do you know? But then, he's a dentist and he knows what that kinda thing does to your teeth i presume. As a matter of fact, i DO grind my teeth at night (even though i cant even do it wen i'm fully awake, i'm apparently quite a champ on the teeth grinding side when i'm asleep!!)

So that's when he had my (expected) answers to all his questions that he told me: your teeth are healthy, the pain you're feeling is due to stress and extra pressure you apply on your teeth at night. So the pain really doesnt come from the teeth themselves but from the gums and the jaw.


He said that there is a solution to my very common problem (glad to realize i'm not the only one stressed out in this world! jaja) and it's called a mouth piece. And i stupidly asked: like the boxers?
And to my horror, he said YES, like the boxers.
Except that it's gonna be thinner and just for my top teeth (do you say top teeth? or upper teeth? For the teeth that are on the top part of my mouth, the ones that are on the upper side of my mouth, oh well, you know what i mean)

Starting ... tomorrow.

We took my teeth print this afternoon. I almost puked on his lap when he put that baby-blue paste in my mouth. And then when he took it of, it felt like my entire set of teeth were gonna be trapped in the mould. They weren't.

It's a 3 months thingy.

I'm gonna look as sexy as Pacquia's opponent at the end of round 12.
But without the blood or the broken nose.

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  1. Maybe you're too anxious sometimes, and that's why you grind your teeth during your sleep. It's good that you're wearing a mouthpiece while you sleep to prevent further tooth damage due to bruxism. Did you find it uncomfortable when you first wore the mouthpiece? Are are you still using it everyday?

    Bianca Jackson