Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Dog Thinks She's a Goat

OK it is a catchy title but that's the way i feel about my dog. I don't know if she BELIEVES she's a goat especially since she's never seen one but she behaves like one. Well, more like a lamb. Or whatever a baby goat is called...
and i just noticed that a baby goat DOES fold his back legs when running/jumping ... mmm

Her name is Lola. She's just over 4 months old and she's the cuttest most stuborn dog ever. Every morning, just like i used to do with every single of my dogs, i take her for her walk. For her hour long walk. So then she keeps quiet and at peace with the world when i'm having my sacred breakfast. And then again when i come back from work. Another hour long walk. Dear beloved often join in and that converts it all in a walkasm ...

Lola is not fond of walking. Or maybe she doesnt see the point of it when we take off from home. I often have to drag her over several blocks for her to get on her legs and start trotting next to me. And i literally mean DRAG her. Cuz she doesnt just sit stubbornly, she sprawls herself on the floor and looks at me/us just like if she was saying "A-HA, what are you gonna do now??"
She is still just 10 kilos so i can still drag her by pulling on the leash but when she'll be the 30 kg she'll most likely get to weight, then what will i do? O_o

Dear beloved however, found a new trick. When she's being a pain, he just drops the leash and keeps walking, without even one glance back. I swear she's by his side in the following 10 seconds. And then life gets easier.

But i mean, seriously, what is wrong with that dog? What dog on earth doesnt like to walk? This morning i tried something new: i went to a huge empty area, on a construction site off hour, "asked" her to sit, took off the leash and let her wonder for a moment. Oh my, that was pure awesomeness. Both for her AND me. I never stopped or waited for her and she was always sniffing around for a few minutes and running back to me. 

I would love to walk my dog off leash but she gets distracted by a lot of things and i dont want her to cross the streets running to see what that street dog or that cow is doing on the other side of the avenue.

But back to my title. 

When my BF and i both walk the dog, there is always a point where we get to that piece of grass. And that's the point where she gets in 5th gear and starts running for her life. When there are the 2 of us walking her, he generally holds the leash and i just walk next to them both. So obviously, i dont dash on the grass patch (i do it when i walk her on my own though!!!). But as i was watching them running away from me, i noticed that Lola runs funny. 

She runs like a goat. 

She doesnt fold her back legs when she runs. And she really, really, looks like a goat.

We tried to make her jump to see how she does it. And guess what? She jumps like a goat too. It is just hilarious.

Here in Mexico, that breed (oh, yeah, she's a bullterrier btw) is nicknamed "cara de mula" which means mule head. She certainly has a mule stubborn character but apart from that, she's more like a goat. And she's obviously the cuttest dog there is.

One day i'll figure out how to post a video and i'll put one of her running. In the meanwhile, you'll get a picture of her sprawling ;)


  1. Miss C. I LOVE your post and Lola and I happen to like goats (and lambs). You are so funny!

    1. Thanks for the comment! I've written a lot of posts about Lola and my previous dogs as well ... Glad you enjoy the reading!